VTNZ & Blue September VTNZ & Blue September

VTNZ & Blue September

This year VTNZ is proud to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s annual campaign –  Blue September. We want to help create awareness of prostate cancer and raise funds for lifesaving research.

We’re not all ten foot tall and bullet proof. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men; all of us males are at risk so it’s extremely important to get checked and be diagnosed early.

Mike Walsh VTNZ CEO

How VTNZ is supporting Blue September

This year VTNZ is helping to raise some lifesaving funds for Blue September and create awareness of prostate cancer throughout the nation.

  1. Dress up: We are dressing up our branches to show our support. When you come into a VTNZ branch this September you will see an unfamiliar colour, Blue!
  2. Donations: Throughout the month of September you’ll get a chance to support Blue September by donating to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. At all of our branches nationwide, you’ll have the option to add $1 on to any purchase. Every donation will go directly towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation to help with prostate cancer research and support for those affected.
  3. Throughout the country we are getting involved in ‘Blue Dos’. Our branches have come up with some creative ways to get involved and participate in Blue September; from BBQ’s to muffin bakes, car washes, dress up days and fishing trips! These events will help us to raise even more funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Blue September is all about creating awareness. We want to help normalise prostate cancer and help get people talking about it!

Getting checked is just a Dr’s appointment away. Do it for your loved ones and yourself.

What is prostate cancer?

In New Zealand, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. With around 3,000 males diagnosed and 600 deaths from prostate cancer each year, someone close to you could be affected. That’s more than 3,000 fathers, husbands, brothers, uncles and friends affected each year.

1 in 8 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. This is the same number as women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, yet prostate cancer is hardly talked about.

If you are a male over the age of 50 your risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer increases to 1 in 50.

Some men are more at risk of getting prostate cancer than others, but the most important risk factor is ageing. Men with a family history of prostate cancer have a higher risk; that is, if the father, an uncle or brother has had prostate cancer.

Scarily, the majority of the time there are no symptoms. Doctors do not know what causes prostate cancer. They do know, however, that most prostate cancer growth is influenced by testosterone.

What is a ‘Blue Do’?

A Blue Do is an event to support Blue September and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

This event could raise awareness or donations for prostate cancer or both! It could be anything from a staff lunch, dressing up in blue for the day, to hosting a quiz or having a bake sale.

You can get involved and register your own Blue Do here.


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