How to maintain your car How to maintain your car

How to maintain your car

If it’s the daily commute to work, a Sunday drive or a holiday road trip, you need to be able to rely on your car. Find out here how to look after your car.

Regular Maintenance

Owning and maintaining a car is a big responsibility and it’s a good idea to give your car some regular TLC.

We recommend you do a bit of car maintenance every month or two and especially before any significant road trips.

Not only will this help you get the most from your vehicle but it will go a long way towards:

  • retaining the value of your car
  • minimising major and potentially avoidable repair work
  • keeping you and your passengers safe

Not maintaining the correct tyre pressure can cost more in petrol costs.  Tyres wear more quickly, and the steering and ability to control the vehicle are affected.

If you don’t keep your vehicle fluids topped up, you increase the likelihood of engine wear and risk an annoying and costly breakdown. In the worst case scenario, your engine can seize up.

Regular Maintenance Checklist

We’ve put together a list of basic maintenance tasks you can do each month when you visit the petrol station.

  • Make sure your tyres are pumped up and have good tread depth (over 1.5mm). Don’t forget the spare!
  • Check all your lights are working, including the indicators
  • Check the engine oil level is above the minimum indicator on the dipstick
  • Check the condition of the engine oil. It shouldn't appear dark, thick or sludgy
  • Check and, if necessary, top up the window washer fluid level
  • Clean the front windscreen and check there are no chips or cracks

You can do all your regular car maintenance at your local petrol station. Or, if you’d like someone else to take care of it, pop into your local VTNZ branch and we’ll be happy to help. One of our Automotive Technicians can do a Maintenance Check any time. We can even do this at the same time as your Warrant of Fitness inspection.

Add a Maintenance Check to your WoF for only $28

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Watch a quick video on how to check the condition of your tyres.

Use less fuel and save money by checking your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. The pressure details can be found on a plate inside the driver’s door, the fuel flap or owner’s manual.

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