Find a VTNZ Certified Repairer Find a VTNZ Certified Repairer

Find a VTNZ Certified Repairer

We’ve put VTNZ Technicians into Auto Super Shoppes on Auckland’s North Shore. Get the convenience, independence and safety of a VTNZ WoF in the same place that services and repairs your car. It’s another way we give you more help, in more places.

How does it work?

  1. Book in at Auto Super Shoppes for a WOF + Service; you choose the level of servicing you require
  2. VTNZ will take care of the WOF and let you know if there is any work to be done
  3. Auto Super Shoppes will take care of the service
  4. …and they’ll complete any repair work required to pass the WOF as agreed by you first

*Please note that Auto Super Shoppes do not provide registration and licensing services.

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VTNZ’s Certified Repairers – Auto Super Shoppes meet the highest standards. We trust them, so you can too.

  • VTNZ Inspections
    All WoF inspections are done by VTNZ Technicians for peace of mind and safety on the road.

  • No surprises
    You’ll approve all repairs and costs before they go ahead.

  • Auto Super Shoppes guarantee
    You’ll drive away with a 12-month guarantee on all new parts and workmanship.

  • Expert Mechanics
    With Auto Super Shoppes only the most experienced and knowledgeable repairers will work on your vehicle.

  • MTA Assured
    This sign means your repairer works to the highest professional standards.

Get a VTNZ WoF and an Auto Super Shoppe service - from only $240

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VTNZ’s Promise

  • We will only recommend what you need. Nothing more.
  • We’re committed to making things easy and convenient for you first and foremost.
  • We have no vested interest in repair work.

Did you know, you can consult your car manual to help you decide the best options for servicing. It will tell you things like how often your car needs servicing and when certain parts are likely to need replacing.

Grant - Branch Manager VTNZ Highbrook

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