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Basic Service

Get your regular basic servicing done at VTNZ by our trained Automotive Technicians to ensure your car is reliable, safe and road ready. VTNZ will check  your tyre pressure, water, engine oil, other essential fluids as well as key aspects of your vehicle’s safety and condition.

Not only will a Basic Service help you get the most from your vehicle but it will go a long way to:

  • Retaining the value of your car
  • Minimising major and potentially avoidable repair work
  • Keep you and your passengers safe

What is included in a Basic Service?

  • Front windscreen washed and clean
  • Tyres pumped up to correct pressure
  • Windscreen washer fluid topped up for washing your windscreen while driving
  • Check oil level is above the minimum level, and top up if required
  • Check brake, steering and clutch fluids, and top up if required
  • Vehicle coolant checked and topped up when required
  • Battery condition checked

Additional costs may apply if oil, coolant or other fluids are required. We’ll be sure to ask you first.


A VTNZ Basic Service covers the basic car maintenance that you might not have the time for, but actually does a great deal to improve the life, efficiency and safety of your vehicle. At just $35, or $84 in combo with your W0F, it’s great value and could save you big time on repair bills down the track.

  • Another job done and you don’t have to worry about doing yourself
  • Available at 78 branches nationwide
  • Discounted when combined with a WoF
  • Completed by trained automotive technicians
  • No booking or organisation required

My car was really low on oil and at risk of seizing up. The VTNZ Auto Technician let me know and said he could top it up for me.

VTNZ Lower Hutt Customer

What’s not in a Basic Service?

A Basic Service covers general preventative care and basic servicing essentials. It does not include engine oil and filter changes.

Get a WoF + Basic Service Combo for just $84

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