Annual Maintenance Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

VTNZ recommends your car gets a full vehicle health check every 6 to 12 months or 20,000 kms (whichever comes first) to keep your car running at its best.

You should have your car assessed by a professional if:

  • the steering wheel starts slipping or is really hard to turn
  • the car keeps pulling or drifting to one side
  • your car leaks fluids after being parked up for several hours or overnight
  • your car makes funny noises like clicking, clunking or scraping; or squealing when you use your brakes; or popping coming from the exhaust

Vehicle Health Checks

If you’d like an impartial expert to help with your vehicle health check, ask us about our Safety Assessment. Our Automotive Technician will complete a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s condition then explain exactly what, if anything, needs to be repaired and write clear notes you can give to your repairer.


When to see a Repairer

We recommend your car gets an engine oil and filter change every 12 months or 20,000 kms (whichever comes first). You’ll need to book in with a repairer to have this done.

If you don’t have a preferred repairer, try a VTNZ Certified Repairer in your area, or ask our staff for some other local options. Alternatively, you can use MTA’s online register of quality-assured mechanics to Find an MTA Member.

“Paul went above and beyond the call of duty and showed me how to clean the oil off of my car’s engine and top up the oil. He ensured I was safe at all times during the process, and explained to me how this could prolong the quality of my car’s engine and improve its safety in the event of an accident.” Marla, customer of VTNZ Takanini

Top Tip: It’s a good idea to keep important details in your vehicle…

  1. bulb types (headlights, brake light, indicators)
  2. tyre pressure and tyre specifications
  3. car insurance policy number and provider
  4. VTNZ Roadside Assistance 0800 882 4235
  5. number of kilometers done at the last engine oil change
  6. type of oil used

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