Selling your car Selling your car

Selling your car

A little homework before you sell will help you get the best price for your car, and make the process run smoothly. Take a look at our tips on selling your car.

5 easy steps to sell your car

  • Assess the condition of the car
  • Set the right asking price
  • Know where to sell your car
  • Describe your car to potential buyers
  • Complete the sale

Understanding the car’s condition

Start with a quick check

Does the car have a current Warrant of Fitness?

  • Yes? When does this expire?
  • No? Renew your WoF to give the buyer peace of mind or, if you’re not going to renew the WoF before you sell it, you need to tell buyers that it’s being sold ‘as is, where is’.

 Are there any noticeable dents, rust or bumps on the car or any problems you’ve found when driving the car?

  • Yes? Get these fixed or make it clear to potential buyers up front.

Get an expert assessment

Give your buyers confidence by showing that an independent expert has assessed the vehicle.

You can get a VTNZ Basic or Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Assessment on the vehicle depending on your needs. Both assessments include a digital report that you can share with your buyers, plus a certificate and sticker that you can put on your car.

You can call 0800 88 88 69

Setting the right asking price

To work out a fair asking price, you can either do your own research on websites like Trade Me and see what similar cars are being sold for, or get a professional valuation of the car. offer this from just $17.

Where to sell your car

Trade Me, Driven, Turners and Autotrader are all great sites for listing your car for sale.

There’s also usually a local area in your town or city where ‘for sale’ cars are parked up on the side of the road for people to view.

You also have the option of trading it in if you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle from a car dealer. This can take out a lot of hassle but you may not get as good a price as selling privately.

Describing your car

Car features

When selling your car online, you will be asked to cover these features off:

  • Year of the car
  • Make and model
  • Number of km on the clock
  • Fuel type
  • Type of engine
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • Vehicle Licence (rego) expiry date
  • WoF expiry date
  • Other features (e.g. air conditioning)
  • Servicing history
Car description

This is where you tell your potential customers anything extra about the vehicle, for example:

  • Any issues you have experienced or damages
  • Anything personal you want to say about the car, e.g. drives really well and is great on fuel economy
  • Anything else that will help you sell the car, e.g. has had an independent assessment
  • Include images of the inside and outside of the car, any areas you want to bring attention to plus a copy of the Pre-Purchase Assessment report


  • Take pictures during the day when it’s dry
  • Get photos of the interior and exterior
  • Include photos of any bumps or dents as well as assessment reports
  • Make sure you give the vehicle a really good clean so you are showing it off in its best light!

Completing the sale

There are two key items you need to have ready to complete the sale.

Certificate of Registration

It’s a good idea to have this handy should the buyer want confirmation that you’re the official owner of the vehicle. Some buyers may ask to see this before committing to buying your car.

Change of ownership

Change of ownership forms can be completed by both the buyer (MR13C) and seller (MR13B) at your local VTNZ branch.

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