Importing a car Importing a car

Importing a car

VTNZ are the leaders in New Zealand’s Entry Certification market. If you’re looking to import a vehicle into New Zealand, we can help you get a Vehicle Compliance Certificate to register the vehicle and drive it on New Zealand roads.

How we can help

  • We’ll assess whether or not the vehicle meets the requirements to be registered for use on New Zealand roads
  • We’ll help you through the process of meeting vehicle compliance standards
  • Apply online for a Statement of Compliance or Emissions Certificate

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We recommend you get the low-down on what’s involved in importing a vehicle before you commit. Find and visit one of our 53 Entry Certification branches nationwide, or email our Entry Certification experts at

If the vehicle will never be driven on New Zealand roads, you won’t need to register the vehicle or meet the Entry Certification standards.

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If it’s your first time importing a car, we suggest you contact one of our 53 Entry Certification branches nationwide, or email us at

Statement of Compliance

Bringing a vehicle into New Zealand? A Statement of Compliance may be required. For $470, we can issue you the certificate you need to ensure it can be driven in New Zealand.

A New Zealand Statement of Compliance is produced for vehicles with a 17 digit VIN number, first registered abroad, requiring the standards proven where the standards have not been identified on the vehicle by a full European standards plate or sticker. Generally, these vehicles fall into one of the following categories:

  1. A Statement of Compliance is generally required if a European vehicle is imported from Japan and there is no specification number of the Export Certificate.
  2. For a European vehicle from other market, such as the UK, where there is no ECE standards number applied to the vehicle.

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Emission Certificate

Some vehicles may need an Emission Certificate. For $280, we can issue the certificate you need to ensure it can be driven in New Zealand.

An Emission Certificate is generally required to prove Euro 4 emission standards on European vehicles sourced from Japan with a 2 digit emission code, or from other countries where the emissions standard cannot be proven. To apply, you will need a copy of the Japanese Export Certificate or De-registration Certificate with the correct TDN (type designation number) evident to ensure the vehicle reaches the correct standards. For vehicles from other countries, a copy of the registration document.

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