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Road User Charges

Come to VTNZ to get your Road User Charges (RUC) licence. We can issue your RUC licence label on the spot and make sure you get the right one for your vehicle.

What are road user charges?

All users of New Zealand’s roads contribute towards their upkeep. Most users pay levies included in the petrol they purchase. Others, such as users of diesel-powered and all heavy vehicles, pay through Road User Charges (RUC).

It’s important to make sure you keep up to date with your Road User Charges. If you run out, you run the risk of getting a fine.

All the revenue collected from Road User Charges goes into the National Land Transport Fund and the Regional Land Transport Fund. To find out the costs of your RUC, visit


Who pays road user charges?

Owners of vehicles powered by a fuel that isn’t taxed, like diesel vehicles, must pay Road User Charges. Heavy vehicles with a manufacturer’s gross laden weight of more than 3.5 tonnes (3,500kg) also incur road user charges. This includes non-powered trailers.

How do I pay for road user charges?

To pay the charges, go to your local VTNZ branch. You’ll purchase a Road User Charges license (RUC license) based on your vehicle type and weight. There’s no need to wait. We can issue your RUC label right away. Find your nearest Branch



What type of RUC licence do I need?

Distance licence

If you own a diesel-powered car, ute, van or heavy vehicle you’ll need a distance licence. A distance licence is purchased in 1,000km units (or multiples of 1,000).

RUC weight licence

Every vehicle has been allocated a permanent RUC weight.

The RUC weight of the vehicle is the lesser of the:

The RUC rates tell you how much you will need to pay depending on the permanent RUC weight of your vehicle.

Over the permanent RUC weight?

If you have a permit allowing you to carry loads heavier than your permanent RUC weight, you can:

  • Apply for an additional licence for the towing vehicle for each individual load that covers the additional weight carried under the permit, or
  • Change your towing vehicle to an H RUC vehicle type and have an H distance licence. This option is designed for vehicles that run overweight most of the time.

To change to an H RUC vehicle type, you need to complete a Road user charges application to change to H RUC vehicle type form (RUCCV-H) and send it in to the NZ Transport Agency.

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