VTNZ CEO Mike Walsh appointed Board Member of World Association of Vehicle Inspectors

The International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee, CITA, has elected our CEO Mike Walsh to its board – the first New Zealander to hold such a position.

CITA is an international non-governmental organisation based in Brussels representing vehicle inspection companies and government authorities involved with vehicle safety and roadworthiness standards. Established in the late 1980s, CITA has observer status with the United Nations.

Mr Walsh was elected to CITA’s Bureau Permanent at the General Assembly in Zagreb this month and joins the team that provides the strategic direction of the organisation and supervises the work of the CITA Secretariat.

“It’s a tremendous honour that recognises the professionalism and quality of New Zealand’s vehicle’s inspection industry.

“Technologies such as autonomous vehicles and other driver assistance systems are revolutionising driving – vehicle inspection standards and techniques need to evolve with them to keep everyone safe on the roads,” says Mr Walsh.

“CITA’s role is helping ensure high inspection standards are upheld and safety benefits are understood and valued by governments and regulatory bodies all around the world.”

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