VTNZ Gift Card FAQs

How many times can I use my Gift Card?

You can use your card as many times as you like until the full balance has been used, or the card expires.

What can I buy with my VTNZ Gift Card?

You can buy any service at a VTNZ branch depending on your card balance.

How do I find out the balance of my Gift Card?

This is shown on the holder attached to the card. The gift card options available for purchase is $30, $50 and $100.

If you’re not sure how much is on your Gift Card, look for the 16-digit number on the back of the card, then scratch off the grey panel to reveal the pin. Then, you can either call 0800 222 882 or download the MTA app on iTunes or Google Play.

Where can I use my Gift Card?

VTNZ Gift Cards can be redeemed at any of our 80+ branches – find your nearest branch here.

Do I get change if I don’t spend the full value of the card at once?

If you don’t spend the full balance in one purchase, you can keep using the card until the balance is zero. You can also use the balance as a part payment for a purchase, so you can always use up the full value.

No cash change can be given when using a VTNZ Gift Card to make a purchase.

If my card breaks, can it be replaced or refunded? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to replace, refund or transfer the balance on a gift card. The same applies if it’s defaced, mutilated, altered, lost or stolen. Gift cards should be treated like cash as the balance on the card can be spent by any person who holds the card.

How long can I use my Gift Card for?

Your gift card can be used for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you’re not sure what the expiry date is, please give us a call on 0800 222 882.

Make sure that you use up your balance before that date – any unused balance remaining on the card after expiry cannot be refunded, transferred or credited.

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