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Learner Licence

All heavy vehicle licence classes have the same structure for their learner theory test and are based on the Official New Zealand Road Code for heavy vehicles. Find out what you need to do to kick start the Heavy Vehicle Licence process.

Know What Class of Licence You Need

The first step in applying for your heavy vehicle licence is to understand the class of vehicle you wish to drive.

There are four classes of Heavy Vehicle Licenses – based on the height and weight of the individual vehicle. Heavy vehicles can be rigid (e.g. a truck) or a combination (e.g. a truck and trailer). The class is based on a rigid vehicle’s gross laden weight (GLW) or a combination vehicle’s gross combined weight (GCW).

The four classes of learner licence for heavy vehicles are:

  • Class 2L: medium rigid vehicles
  • Class 3L: medium combination vehicles
  • Class 4L: heavy rigid vehicles
  • Class 5L: heavy combination vehicles

Visit NZTA to find out more about Driver licence classes.

Pre-test checklist:

5 must do’s before you arrive for your heavy vehicle learner licence test

  1. Produce your current Full Car Licence, or a temporary licence with your New Zealand Passport or photographic ID to confirm your identity. Go to our FAQs for more detail on what is an acceptable form of identification.
  2. Have you brought your:
    - Medical certificate (if required)
    - Prescription glasses or contact lenses you currently wear while driving
  3. Have you completed the DL1 Application form?
  4. Payment, our branches accept cash, EFTPOS, and all major credit cards. Please note there is a 2% surcharge for all credit card payments.
  5. Have you studied? Make sure you have reviewed the road code for heavy vehicles before taking the test. Check out roadcodepractice.co.nz to complete online mock tests that are similar to the test you will sit on the day.

Know When You Are Eligible to Get Each Class of Licence

You must hold a licence for a certain amount of time before you can move onto the next licence.

This table tells you how long you have to wait before you get a learner licence.

Find out more about the conditions of your heavy vehicle learner licence at nzta.govt.nz

Over 25

You must hold a current class 1 full licence for 6 months first


Prepare for your Heavy Vehicle Learner Licence test in four easy steps

1. Study the road code

You can get a copy of the latest road code at your nearest VTNZ branch or read it online here: The official New Zealand road code for heavy vehicles

2. Practise for your test

All of the questions that could come up during your theory test are in the Road Code. This is a useful tool to test your knowledge, and once you feel confident that you are able to answer the questions correctly it is a good idea to try some practice tests.

Use these great resources from the NZ Transport Agency to help you practise for your test:

  1. Learner licence theory test questions: Use this free resource to test your knowledge.  Answer the questions and check the answers afterwards to see how you’ve done
  2. Practice Learner Licence Theory Tests: Buy an official practice test – it’s the same test you will sit to get your Learner Licence and will help you get familiar with the official testing environment
3. Complete your application

When you feel confident that you know the road code well, you’ll be ready to book your test. Come in to one of our driver licensing branches and our team will help you complete your application.

What to bring in with you:

When you arrive, you will need to:

  • Fill out the application form (if you haven’t already)
  • Complete an eyesight screening check or present your eyesight certificate
  • Have your photo taken and sign for your licence
  • Book a time to do your theory test
  • Pay – see current licence fees
4. Sit your test

You should be able to complete your test on the same day that you finish your application process (subject to availability), or you can book in for another day if you need some more time to prepare.

  • The test will consist of 35 multi-choice questions. To pass, you need to get at least 33 questions correct, so take your time to read and think about each question.

What happens when I pass?

  • You’ll probably feel a sense of achievement – and relief! You will be issued with your temporary licence while your test is being processed and your photographic licence will be posted in the mail.
  • You will be able to practice driving your heavy vehicle under the supervision of a licenced driver. It’s important to get as much practice as you need with your supervisor before booking your practical test.
  • You have three to six months on your learner licence to practice and become a confident driver before you can sit your heavy vehicle full licence. Learn more about the next step in getting your heavy vehicle licence.

When you are driving on a learner licence, you must be accompanied by a supervisor at all times.

A supervisor must meet the following requirements:

  • Holds a current Full New Zealand driver licence for the class of vehicle you are learning to drive
  • Has held their Full New Zealand driver licence for at least two years (or where their full New Zealand licence has been held less than two years, they have held an equivalent overseas driver licence for at least two years)
  • Does not have a supervisor condition on their New Zealand licence

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