COVID-19: Practical Driver Testing

Updated 9th December 2021

Practical Driver Testing: Red and Orange

Practical Driver Testing services are available at Red and Orange. 

VTNZ have worked closely with Waka Kotahi (NZTA) following the Ministry of Health guidelines to develop the necessary health and safety procedures that will allow us to conduct tests and keep everyone safe under each of the new traffic light levels.  

Due to the time a test takes and the close proximity, Practical Driver Testing is a close contact service. Therefore, you must have a valid ‘My Vaccine Pass’ to sit your test, as per the Government criteria.

A valid ‘My Vaccine Pass’ is required for all classes of licence – motorbike, car, and truck. You must have this to sit your Practical Driving Test. A face covering is required for all classes, with the exception of during the practical component of the motorcycle test. 

We are continuing to work with Waka Kotahi to explore procedures that could allow customers who are not fully vaccinated to access these services in the future.

Rebooking / Booking Your Test:

If you had a Practical Driving Test scheduled during COVID Level 3 or Level 4, you should have received a text with your new appointment details. If you are unable to make the rescheduled appointment time, there will be details in these messages on how you can rebook. 

If you are unable to make a booking due to you or your support person not being able to provide the ‘My Vaccine Pass’ or because you have a face covering exemption, please contact VTNZ in advance at to make alternative arrangements. We will respond to you within three business days. Please note: Only customers who can’t produce a ‘My Vaccine Pass’ or have a mask exemption will be responded to via This inbox is not monitored for complaints. If you wish to lay a complaint please use this form.

Alternatively if you want to cancel your test and apply for a refund, please complete this form and send it to Waka Kotahi (NZTA). Instructions are on the form.

For completely new bookings (not re-scheduled ones), please book online at Waka Kotahi. Please note: bookings for the Auckland regions will resume at close of business on Friday 3rd December.

Please be aware there have been 22,000 tests rescheduled in the Auckland region, so demand for Driver Testing is currently very high.

Before Your Scheduled Test:

  • We will send you a text message before your test. This will be to:
    • Give you the option to reschedule if you are unwell or have been in contact with any COVID-19 cases. 
    • Confirm if you are able to present a valid ‘My Vaccine Pass’ on the day of your test. Please note – your My Vaccine Pass will be verified by your Driving Testing Officer onsite.  
    • Notify you about bringing your own face covering. Face coverings must be worn during tests. If you have a face covering exemption, please contact VTNZ in advance at 
  • If you need to change your test due to one or more of the above, VTNZ will manage this process. You can respond to us via the text message or email us at prior to your test. 
  • Before coming for your test please ensure that you clean your vehicle and make sure that it is clutter free to reduce the risk of any infection. 
  • Please bring a pen with you for signing documentation.
  • If you are bringing a Support Person, they will also be required to have a valid ‘My Vaccine Pass’ and wear a face covering in order to be able to go on the test with you. If they have a face covering exemption, please contact VTNZ in advance at 

Upon Arriving at your Test: 

  • Scan the COVID-19 QR code or we will ask for your contact details to put into our COVID-19 register should we need to contact you again.
  • Check the reception door poster for further instructions to follow at the branch.
  • We will have limited waiting room in our branch waiting areas. Only bring the necessary person with you as per your driver license supervisor conditions.
  • Have your ‘My Vaccine Pass’ verified by your Driving Testing Officer. Without verification, the test cannot go ahead. 
  • If you are unable to provide your ‘My Vaccine Pass’ or can’t wear a mask as you are ‘exempt from wearing a face covering’, the Driver Testing Officer will fill in a form on your behalf. A VTNZ representative will contact you within three business days.

During Your Test:

  • For your safety and theirs, your Driving Testing Officer will be wearing a mask whilst conducting the test. 
  • You must wear a face covering.  If you have a face covering exemption, please contact VTNZ in advance at 
  • If you are bringing a support person with you, they will also be required to wear a face covering throughout the test (even if they have an exemption). 

After the Test: 

  • Please provide an email address at the start of the test for your test results. We are unable to print test results.
  • When your test is completed (not prior) you may be required to complete the DL1 form (photo and signature) before your temporary license is issued. Your Driver Testing Officer will give you instructions if this needs to happen.

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