Vehicle Condition Assessments Vehicle Condition Assessments

Vehicle Condition Assessments

VTNZ Vehicle Condition Assessments (VCA) provide a detailed assessment and report on the condition of your vehicle from an independent expert’s point of view.

Five good reasons to get Vehicle Condition Assessments done on your business vehicles

  1. Get an independent assessment of the repair and maintenance work needed on your vehicle. Use this information as a basis for tendering out your repair work and or negotiating a good price.
  2. Get an assessment to audit and independently check if repairs being carried out are consistent with compliance requirements.
  3. Use an assessment to develop a vehicle preventative care maintenance plan and spread your costs over time. Pick up faults before they get spotted by the CVIU.
  4. Protect your Operator Rating System (ORS) score by making sure that your vehicles have a very good CoF pass record.
  5. Demonstrate and provide evidence you are taking steps to ensure the safety of employees at work, required under Health and Safety legislation.

Why Choose VTNZ?

  • We’re the leading assessment specialists, issuing more CoFs than anyone else in New Zealand.
  • You can get your vehicles assessed at 60 branches nationwide
  • We’ll give you personalised service and advice to support the maintenance of your vehicles.
  • We're flexible. Our customers love us because we adapt to meet their needs. Whether it’s a one-off request or an ongoing necessity, like drop offs, collections or special hours - talk to our team to see how we can help.
  • We have consistent standards and assessment processes across all our locations and services with centralised information systems and auditable reporting.
  • We can come to you. Talk to us about what's involved to set you up for onsite inspection services.

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Your Vehicle Condition Assessment Options

You can utilise the power of a known and trusted brand such as VTNZ and our vehicle condition assessment services individually, or in some combination as part of an ongoing vehicle maintenance programme.

1. Vehicle Condition Assessment

Our Vehicle Condition Assessment includes all the items that would be regularly assessed in a CoF inspection. As each vehicle is different, some or all of the following is checked.

  • Wheel and tyre condition
  • Mudguards and mud flaps
  • Brake performance and condition
  • Structural condition
  • Lighting performance and condition
  • Glazing
  • Windscreen washers and wipers
  • Doors
  • Safety belts
  • Occupant protection systems
  • Speedometer
  • Steering and suspension
  • Exhaust condition and performance
  • Fuel system condition
  • Towing connections
  • Load anchorage systems
  • Stock crate and crate retention system condition

Plus we check the validity of Registration and Road User Charges labels and offer general advice on the condition of the vehicle as well as suggest preventative maintenance.

2. Brake Performance Vehicle Condition Assessment

Our Brake Performance Vehicle Condition Assessment is a test and record of the performance of your vehicle’s service and park brakes.  Our experience shows this is the number one safety and compliance issue.

3. Off-Road ‘Machine’ Condition Assessments

VTNZ’s ‘Machine’ Condition Assessment checks that your off-road vehicles and wheeled machines such as forklifts, frontend loading shovels, tractors and other wheeled farm equipment, quad bikes and log loaders are safe to operate. Assessments include:

  • Mechanical soundness of the vehicle such as the steering
  • Structural soundness of the vehicle chassis
  • Safety aspects of the vehicle such as lights, mirrors and seatbelts
  • Legalities of the vehicle such as clearly visible safe working load signs, tyres
  • Oil leakage from any hydraulic systems
  • That the hydraulic controls and operation are working within tolerances
  • Wear tolerances of the forklift forks and any wear on the lifting chain

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