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Entry Certification

If you’re in the business of importing vehicles, then you know a Vehicle Compliance Certificate is required to register the vehicle and drive it on New Zealand roads. VTNZ are the market leaders for Entry Certification. Find out why so many businesses work with VTNZ for their importing inspection services.

Why choose VTNZ?

  • We’re the leading specialists in Entry Certification, issuing more Vehicle Compliance Certificates than anyone else in New Zealand.
  • For light vehicles, we’ll give you an official Vehicle Compliance certificate and sticker to support the sale of your vehicle.
  • We have consistent standards and inspection processes across all our locations and services with centralised information systems and auditable reporting.
  • You can get your vehicles certified at any one of our 49 Entry Certification branches nationwide.
  • For light vehicles, you can tag on a Vehicle Appraisal at the time of Entry Certification. Get a great price and give your dealers added value.
  • We have other merchandising available to help you market your light vehicles such as signs, mirror hangers and more.
  • Apply for a Statement of Compliance and Emission Certificate online

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An Entry Certification inspection looks at the following areas:

  • Braking system
  • Exhaust system
  • Glazing
  • Lighting
  • Seatbelts
  • Steering and suspension
  • Structure
  • Tyres
  • Correct Documentation

You’ll get an official Vehicle Compliance Certificate and sticker to support the sale of your vehicle.

A Vehicle Appraisal can be tagged on to an Entry Certification for light vehicles and assesses the following areas:

  • Engine
  • Electrical
  • Under bonnet
  • Under body
  • Brakes
  • Vehicle exterior corrosion
  • Tyres

You’ll get a digital Vehicle Appraisal report, a Vehicle Appraisal certificate and a sticker that’ll help you sell your vehicle even faster.

There’s no drive test included so your importer does not need to be concerned about driver insurance cover and potential accidental damage prior to certification.


Apply Online

Apply for Statement of Compliance or Emission Certificate online.

Statement of Compliance

Bringing a vehicle into New Zealand? A Statement of Compliance from VTNZ will give you the certificate you need to ensure it can be driven in New Zealand.

A New Zealand Statement of Compliance is produced for vehicles with a 17 digit VIN number, first registered abroad, requiring the standards proven where the standards have not been identified on the vehicle by a full European standards plate or sticker. Generally, these vehicles fall into one of the following categories:

  1. A Statement of Compliance is generally required if a European vehicle is imported from Japan and there is no specification number of the Export Certificate.
  2. For a European vehicle from another market, such as the UK, where there is no ECE standards number applied to the vehicle.

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Emission Certificate

Some vehicles, especially those from Japan,  may need an Emission Certificate. For $260, we can issue the certificate you need to ensure it can be driven in New Zealand.

An Emission Certificate is generally required to prove Euro 4 emission standards on European vehicles sourced from Japan with a 2 digit emission code, or from other countries where the emissions standard cannot be proven. To apply, you will need a copy of the Japanese Export Certificate or De-registration Certificate with the correct TDN (type designation number) evident to ensure the vehicle reaches the correct standards. For vehicles from other countries, a copy of the registration document.

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Got a question or need help? Contact to one of our Entry Certification experts at technical@vtnz.co.nz

Vehicle Promotional Tools

With every assessment you will receive vehicle window display materials promoting the assessments we’ve completed:

  1. If a Vehicle Appraisal is completed, you’ll get a digital report of the assessment results.
  2. You’ll receive relevant certificates of assessment for both the Entry Certification and, if completed, the Vehicle Appraisal.
  3. You’ll receive stickers to place on the vehicle.

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Appraisal Report and Assessment Certificates

Certified Stickers



Dealership Promotional Tools

A range of vehicle display materials are available for you to promote your association with the VTNZ brand including:

  • ‘Quality Assessed’ flags
  • ‘Safety Certified’ flags
  • Mirror hangers

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