Buyer Assurance Services Buyer Assurance Services

Buyer Assurance Services

Buyers are looking for a car that won’t have any surprises down the track, and want to have confidence in the vehicle they purchase. VTNZ can make it easy for you to give your buyers the confidence to buy, and help your business sell more cars, faster.

Why Choose VTNZ?

  • We are the independent experts with a brand that consumers trust
  • You can get your vehicles assessed at any one of 59 branches nationwide, or we can come to you
  • Get access to a full suite of marketing tools to help you and your staff sell more cars
  • Choose the service that suits you best from our range of Pre-Purchase Assessments
  • Get all the information you need to make sure significant repair work is discovered and fixed before you put a car up for sale
  • Discounts available for volume, or when you get a WoF and Pre-Purchase Assessment at the same time

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Tools To help you build Your Customers’ Confidence

With every assessment, you will receive materials to display in the vehicle’s window, so buyers can be confident about the condition of the vehicle.

  1. If a Vehicle Appraisal is completed, you’ll get a digital report of the assessment results.
  2. You’ll receive relevant certificates of assessment for both the Entry Certification and, if completed, the Vehicle Appraisal.
  3. You’ll receive stickers to place on the vehicle.

Appraisal Report and Assessment Certificates

Certified Stickers


Your Buyer Assurance Service Options

Our Pre-Purchase Assessments show the condition of a vehicle from an independent expert’s point of view. You can use the power of our known and trusted brand and our Pre-Purchase Assessment services to give your buyers confidence in the quality of your vehicles, eliminating a major sales barrier. This is particularly helpful when the potential customer is from out of town.

1. Basic Pre-Purchase Assessment (Dealers)

Show your customers that all the basics are in order and the car is mechanically sound.

Assessment includes:

  • A drive test to check the cars handling, steering and brakes as well as any odd noises
  • Engine checked for any noise, fumes, smoke and other engine wear
  • Battery, alternator and starter motor checked to make sure they are operating correctly
  • Exterior of radiator, water pump and hoses checked for any deterioration or leaks
  • Exterior checked for any corrosion
  • Tyre tread depth and wheels checked for any damage
  • Steering and suspension checked for any damage, leaks or wear
  • Brake performance tested using a roller brake machine, to look for any signs of wear and tear or faults

You’ll get a digital copy of the basic report for your records and to share with potential customers.

2. VTNZ Pre-Purchase Assessment

Show your customers that a thorough independent check has been done.

Assessment includes all the elements of a Basic assessment plus:

  • Engine checked for any noise, fumes, smoke and other engine wear
  • Make sure all the lights are working
  • Checking the exterior for any dents, paint damage, rust or corrosion
  • Checking the interior for damage, wear and tear or stains
  • Checking for a car jack, wheel brace and tool kit

You’ll get a digital copy of the comprehensive report for your records including photos of any issues noted that you can you share with your potential customers.

3. Vehicle Appraisal With Entry Certification Combo

A Vehicle Appraisal is only available in combination with an Entry Certification. Both assessments are done at the same time.

Assessment includes:

  • Engine
  • Electrical
  • Under bonnet
  • Under body
  • Brake performance
  • Exterior Corrosion
  • Tyres

You’ll get a digital high level summary Vehicle Appraisal report for your records and for you to share with potential customers.

There’s no drive test included so your importer does not need to be concerned about driver insurance cover and potential accidental damage prior to certification. But, if including a drive test is important to you, to ensure all potential repair work is discovered and sorted prior to putting the car up for sale on the forecourt, then have a look at one of our other buyer assurance service options.

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