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VTNZ has a long association with some of the largest truck repairers in New Zealand. We offer a wide range of assessment services to ensure heavy vehicles are road ready and safe.

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You can get your vehicles assessed at any of 58 branches nationwide. Or, we can come to you to save you and your staff precious travel time and money.

  • We’re the leading assessment specialists, issuing more CoFs than anyone else in New Zealand.
  • We’ll give you personalised service and advice to support the maintenance of your customers' vehicles.
  • We are flexible. Get an assessment while you wait or make special arrangements. For example, let us know if you want a regular booking, have specific opening hours, want to drop off a vehicle and collect it later, or have us collect a vehicle.
  • We have consistent standards and assessment processes across all our locations and services, with centralised information systems and auditable reporting.

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CoFs with VTNZ

Ensure your customer’s vehicles are assessed by NZ’s Certificate of Fitness experts.

Get an impartial assessment

We offer impartial Vehicle Condition Assessments before repairs are carried out. This allows you to demonstrate that any work is necessary. The assessment is auditable and improves your customers’ Certificate of Fitness pass rates.

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