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We specialise in Entry Certification and quality assurance assessments that will give your buyers the confidence to purchase from you. Find out why so many businesses work with VTNZ for their importing and selling needs.


VTNZ are the leading specialists in Entry Certification, issuing more vehicle compliance certificates than any other company in New Zealand.

In 2015 over 143,000 passenger vehicles were imported into New Zealand, along with over 8,000 commercial vehicles, and VTNZ completed the Entry Certification work for many of them. VTNZ has a number of partnership models for working at the importer’s premises to provide a seamless and efficient process for dealing with high volumes of vehicles within tight timeframes.

VTNZ has recently launched a new Pre-Purchase Assessment and Vehicle Appraisal service for importers and dealers, providing added assurance for the ultimate vehicle buyers. Find out more

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VTNZ works with many of the 3,300 dealers around New Zealand in a range of ways. Contact us to find out how we can help your dealership become more efficient and profitable, and gain the confidence of customers from association with VTNZ’s well known brand.

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