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We help farming, factory and manufacturing businesses with all their vehicle needs including their on-road legal compliance and off-road vehicle health and safety. Find out more about how VTNZ can help your business.

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Many vehicles, such as tractors, farm trucks, large trailers and quad bikes, are not driven on public roads or operated in spaces that the public have access to (such as car parks) and therefore don’t legally require a WoF or CoF. However, with an increased focus on health and safety, many farms, factories and manufacturing businesses are choosing to get their off-road vehicles and trailers checked by VTNZ to ensure they are safe for their staff to operate. This is where VTNZ’s Machine Condition Assessments can help. VTNZ can do Machine Condition Assessments of your off road vehicles at your location. Contact us to find out more.

Some vehicles, particularly forklifts operating outside in shared public spaces (such as access roads or car parks that the public have access to) need a WoF. If you’re not sure please check with your local Branch Manager for advice.

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VTNZ offers the following products and services to keep your farming, factory and manufacturing businesses running smoothly:


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VTNZ can work at the customer location to carry out Machine Condition Assessments. This ensures that there is an auditable history of proactive measures an organisation has taken to be both safe and compliant. Contact us for more details.


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