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Corporates, Local & Central Government

In the eyes of the law, a company vehicle is considered a place of work which brings safety into focus for many corporate companies and government. VTNZ can help you to ensure your staff are safe and you are complying with New Zealand’s new health and safety legislation.

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VTNZ experience and expertise in the usage and safety of pool and company cars led us to develop products that can help with the unique risks associated with these types of vehicles.

Even though new vehicles do not need a safety check (WoF) for up to three years, we understand that some vehicles travel in excess of 100,000km a year. The VTNZ Fleet Safety assessment is a tailored non-regulatory assessment of company vehicles which can be conducted by VTNZ staff on-site at a regular intervals. This will allow you to have peace of mind that your organisation is taking all practical steps to keep your staff safe on the road.

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