Operator Rating System support Operator Rating System support

Operator Rating System support

Find out about NZTA’s Operator Rating System, its potential impact on your business and how VTNZ can support you to improve your rating score.

What is the Operator Rating System?

The Operator Rating System (ORS) is a major road safety initiative run by NZTA in conjunction with other government agencies. It aims to improve the safety of heavy vehicles on our roads, making journeys safer for all.

The Importance of ORS To Your Business

Maintaining a high ORS score is essential if you want to be successful tendering for major contracts. It is a good indication of the safety of your fleet operation, which is helpful when it comes to attracting the best staff to drive your vehicles. It can also impact the length of time between CoF inspections.

There are three main areas that affect your ORS:

  • Driver infringements
  • Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (CVIU) roadside inspection outcomes
  • Certificate of Fitness results

 How VTNZ can help

Regular VTNZ Vehicle Condition Assessments (VCAs) can save you money and help you grow your business by protecting and improving your Operator Ratings Score.

The assessment criteria for a VCA is the same as a Certificate of Fitness. We recommend you use VCAs to pick up faults with your vehicles before their Certificate of Fitness assessment. This gives you time to get things in order and increases the chance of passing the assessment and improving your Operator Rating.

VCAs can also help you pick up faults before they are spotted by the CVIU. The last thing you need is to be pulled up in a roadside police inspection (CVIU) for faults that could have been easily fixed. These are recorded against you in the NZTA’s Operator Rating System and that may cost you money down the track.

VTNZ Vehicle Condition Assessments provide a detailed assessment and report on the condition of your vehicle from an independent expert’s point of view.

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Three steps to improve your vehicle’s chances of passing its CoF

  1. Before you take your vehicle for its CoF inspection, get a Vehicle Condition Assessment.
  2. Get your preferred repairer to complete any work required
  3. Bring your vehicle in for its CoF assessment

Is my business covered by the ORS?

You’ll probably be working within the Operator Rating System if you’ve had a CoF in the last 24 months, and are a:

  • Goods service licence holder with a vehicle of 6000kg or over
  • Vehicle recovery service operator
  • Passenger service licence holder with a motor vehicle with more than 12 seats or a heavy motor vehicle with more than nine seats.

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