Trade Account services Trade Account services

Trade Account services

Not every business is the same, which is why we offer several Trade Account packages. Learn about the different options available and pick the one that best suits your business.

We have three account options to suit your business

  • VTNZ  Trade Account - Cash
  • VTNZ  Trade Account - Credit
  • VTNZ Road User Charges and Registration Accounts

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1. VTNZ Trade Account – Cash

If you are a regular customer, but don’t need to open a credit account, you should consider opening a cash sale account. The key benefit is that VTNZ is able to keep track of all your transactions and vehicles. This in turn means that we’ll be able to give you special trade prices, better reporting, more accurate reminders, and make sure that we keep you up to date on any industry news that might affect your business.

2. VTNZ Trade Account – Credit

Whether your business is large or small, there is a credit account option available.

You can choose from two payment options.

  1. Monthly credit account: perfect for businesses who require several vehicle assessments a week or have large fleets. This option allows you to pay by direct debit on the 20th of every month.
  2. Weekly credit account: suits businesses with smaller fleets and lower inspection volumes. This option allows you to pay by direct debit the following Tuesday.

Both accounts also provide the following services and features.

Access to your account information online using our secure VTNZ SpeedScan web page to:

  • Review all your invoices and statements
  • Print, email and download copies of your documents in PDF format
  • Create Excel files and download for use in your own financial system

Help with managing your VTNZ transactional information by:

  • Emailing your invoices to a nominated address, twice weekly
  • Emailing your statement on a monthly basis

3. VTNZ Road User Charges and Registration Accounts

A Road User Charges (RUC) and Registration (Rego) account can be set up for NZ Transport Agency transactions. We offer two different types of accounts to provide options that work best for your business and take into account the overnight payment process to the NZ Transport Agency.

  1. A Daily Direct Debit account means no processing fees or financial headaches. All RUC and Rego purchases are paid daily by a direct debit the following working day. Simple.
  2. By opening a Weekly Direct Debit account with VTNZ, your business will be able to charge all of its RUC and Rego purchases. Every Tuesday night, the funds will be deducted along with a 5% VTNZ administration fee.

Sign up for a VTNZ RUC and Rego account here or contact us to find our more about VTNZ accounts.

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