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Regardless of size, VTNZ can offer you the right level of support for your business.

Local businesses

VTNZ works with over 30,000 small and medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves on knowing these business operators and their vehicles well and offering a personalised service.

A customised relationship includes:

  • Your local Branch Manager is available to meet with you as and when needed to discuss your business and identify ways that VTNZ can help run more smoothly.
  • Talk to our team about special arrangements such as, drop off and pick up later, priority bookings, special early or late opening hours and vehicle collection services.
  • The team at your local branch will get to know you and your staff personally by name. Their many years of experience and knowledge is at your disposal. They will know your vehicles and give you personalised and independent maintenance support and advice.
  • Specialised technical support for your team when required, including an 0800 Technical support helpdesk service.

Why choose VTNZ

Independent specialists
At VTNZ, our sole focus is vehicle assessments. We don’t do repair work so our customers trust our advice because we’re impartial and independent from manufacturers, importers, dealers, repairers and operators. Plus all our assessments are documented and completely auditable providing an independent vehicle asset history.

Nationwide coverage
VTNZ is the largest vehicle assessment organisation and the largest employer of trained Automotive Technicians in New Zealand. We offer CoF assessment services at 58 branches nationwide. VTNZ also conducts assessments from customers’ premises and other authorised sites at a further 100 locations across New Zealand. Wherever your fleet goes, we are there.

Consistent standards
VTNZ applies consistent standards and assessment processes across all of locations and services. We provide customers with centralised asset information, so wherever they are in New Zealand they get the benefit of consolidated financial reporting, reduced administration costs and overall consistency for their fleet.

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National & regional businesses

VTNZ will work in partnership with you and your team to drive your business performance and goals. Your business relationship will be managed by a team at VTNZ, alongside our local and regional management. They work together to make sure you’re receiving the very best level of service, customised to your business needs.

A customised relationship includes

  • Carrying out inspections and assessments through our national branch network, on your premises or at any combination of these locations
  • Creating a specialised and unique assessment and reporting programme that works for your business
  • Personalised service contracts which provide service level agreements and standardised pricing across the country
  • Customised enhanced reporting capability providing key data to your organisation in a suitable format so  you can integrate it into your own fleet management or other operating systems
  • Specialised technical support for your Fleet Management team when required, including an 0800 Technical support helpdesk service.

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