VTNZ Assistant Branch Manager saves customer’s life

Recently the New Zealand Herald picked up a story of our very own Fenton Park Assistant Branch Manager, Nagesh Nair who saved the life of a customer.

Nagesh Nair
The VTNZ Fenton Park Assistant Branch Manager had arrived for work on Monday when he saw a customer in need of help. Within moments the man had collapsed and lost all signs of life.

“I was shaking,” Mr Nair said. “Someone was dying in my arms.”

“That’s what happened to my Dad. That’s what I saw. All I could do was try to save this man’s life, but I was scared.”

He said he had first noticed the man when he parked his car around 8am. He could see him on the ground, kneeling and holding on to another car for support.

“We were only just opening up. I asked if he wanted an ambulance and he said yes. I ran to the office to get them to phone and when I looked back he’d collapsed.”

Read the full story at NZHerald.co.nz

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