Annual Roadside Assistance Motorhome

$59 for one year

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Multi-vehicle discount of 10% (off each vehicle)
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VTNZ's Roadside Assistance Motorhome offers you 12 months' worth of cover with 3 call-outs providing you:

  • Battery jumpstart
  • 'Locked-in key' recovery or spare key delivery
  • Flat tyre -fitting the spare wheel
  • Emergency fuel delivery (excludes fuel cost)
  • Minor emergency repairs
  • Towing to the nearest repairer
  • Technical advice over the phone
  • Location/map assistance if you are lost
  • Urgent message relay, to connect you to family members
  • Accident assistance - unlike other breakdown providers, if you have an accident we can organise vehicle towing (excludes tow cost), notify emergency services, and provide advice.  


  • Excludes towing for trucks and vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and over 5.5m in length.
  • 10% multi-vehicle discount off each vehicle.
  • 5% discount if renewing.
  • Please note, there is a 24 hour stand down period from date of purchase before your VTNZ Roadside Assistance policy becomes available for roadside assistance.


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